Forge Baile An Tobair Co. Roscommon Eire
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Forge Baile An Tobair Co. Roscommon Ireland

     THe original Jimmy Hussey's forge in Baile An Tobair  
 My Father's Forge refurbished in    The original Jimmy Hussey's forge  
 2009    in Baile An Tobair  

My Fathers Forge

My father Jimmy Hussey moved to Baile An Tobair in 1937 when he was 19 years of age, he started sleding for his brother John at 14 years of age. John Hussey was a trained black smith in Ballianlough that was where my father spent his following years training. John was about 17 years older than my father.
My father was invited to Baile An Tobair by Mr Shanner as Baile An Tobair needed a black smith. Mr Shanner introduced my father to Brodie Kelly who owned the land and subsequently my father father purchased the land from Brodie at a sale of £50. My father was the first proud owner of the land and history began to create itself.
Then the building began with the help of my fathers brother Mike Hussey they carted sand and stone from Ballinlough. My father dug and prepared the foundations and then the concrete was laid. With the help of friends and family Pat Hunt my fathers cousin and friend Pat Lacking they engineered and set up shutters for the walls. My father reciprocated the much appreciated help from brother Mike and cousin Pat by shoeing their horses and not to forget Pat Lackin probably a few pints of guinness in Kelly's pub now Garvies.  
The forge was now complete and my fathers business began in 1937-38, sparks were flying as horses trotted in. My father had around 12-14 horses a day coming in which he shod in this well known established forge for miles around. This became my father and mothers monument. Also to mention Paddy Boyle he also had a black smiths business in the area my fathers only competition,however the two of them were friends and got on very well.